In Sydney

At Sydney Jujutsu-Kan classes are taught in the complete Tsutsumi Jugo Ryu Bujutsu system with a focus on self-defense and personal protection.

Classes are taught in a relaxed manner with classes kept intentionally small to maximise the learning experience.

Tsutsumi Jugo Ryu includes the use of weapons, which are taught during class and are emphasised in the higher grades. The weapons are taught in a way that both compliments and enhances the study of the unarmed jujutsu system, these weapons include:

Yawara bo (aka 'jujutsu stick') - a small stick that fits in the palm of the hand. 
Tanbo - baton
Hanbo - walking stick length stick
Jo - approximately 120cm stick (broom handle length)
Bokken - wooden sword
Manrikigusari - weighted chain
Tanto - knife

Dedicated weapons classes are by invitation only.